Our Story

We started years ago in a cramped college dorm, with a head full of inspiration and a single laptop.  The idea was hatched after an epic girls' road trip across the country -- spanning the warm, sunny West coast beaches to the chilliest NorthEast mountain lodges.   The one item in our bag that was used throughout our trip was a pair of black leggings.  Nothing is as versatile, classic and effortless as a pair of leggings.  Roll it up in a ball in your bag, no worries.  Pair with boots and a sweater for a chilly city night.  Pair it with your flip flops and a tank for a walk along the beach.  Wear it to your favorite hot vinyasa class.

Here we are years later.  We have outgrown that humble abode.   We have moved and expanded.  All built on our client's referrals.  Yea, we're super proud of that!

We have recently expanded from offering just leggings to other carefully selected pieces that we think will call out your inner goddess!  That's our mission after all.

At Manuela Co, we believe you should embrace your size, color, uniqueness and budget.  And love yourself now!

Goddess, follow your bliss.